Diary - October 2003

I mentioned previously that I very nearly did not get to Showbus, since on the day (September 28th) it took an age to build up the air pressure, although the bus started, as usual, "on the button". I could hear the air hissing out underneath the cab.

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4th. I persuaded a village friend, Geoff, a competent mechanic to help me find the cause of the air leak. After driving the bus onto a large stone (to raise the front offside to give us clearance) we found the culprit was a valve operated by the throttle. Geoff managed to extract it, and after we had disassembled it we found the rubber to be very worn. This was no doubt the cause of the problem.

11th I travelled to South Gloucestershire with a friend and a van in search of a replacement throttle valve. In the yard was a DMS being broken, and after a short struggle I emerged from underneath with its throttle valve, which I purchased for £25.

18th. I again persuaded Geoff to lend a hand and he cleaned the replacement valve with petrol and refitted it. Nervously I started the engine (what did I expect - an instant explosion?). The bus sounded healthy enough, and the air pressure came up within a few minutes. I gave it a 40 minute road test and it ran fine!
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