Diary - August 2003

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12th. At Ward Jones premises after work had been done for the MOT. The work involved fitting a replacement second-hand compressor, replacing worn bearings, fitting a new oil dipstick, steam cleaning and resilvering. The whole operation cost more than the bus did originally...

Ward also found it very low on oil, and also topped up the fluid round the flywheel. This caused the slight "clutch slip" which occurred in all gears. All in all the bus drove very much better on the return trip, although I found it to be very low on water after 5 miles or so, and had to top up.

The bus passed its MOT on 4th August. Hurrah! On 12th I collected it from Ward and drove it back in triumph.

Now to complete the repainting...

in the penn
clean engine!

12th.You could eat your supper off the engine!


25th. The front mid-section has been painted in white, and the upper section covered in red topcoat.

25th August
25th August

25th. The main bustle section has been given the first coat of top-coat.

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