Diary - May 2003

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Over the winter I repainted the spare-wheel and called ATS who took off the front offside wheel (which looked corroded) and changed the tyre over to the "new" wheel. The old wheel may well be reusable after a cleanup.

20th. I cannot really pretend that a 28 year-old glass-fibre bustle is a thing of great beauty, but there is no doubt a lick of paint improves matters no end - even battleship grey undercoat.

rear end
ready for new panel

26th. I finally found time and energy to cut 2 lengths of timber to support a large nearside panel. I then fitted felt to the sides of the timber, and all was ready for the panel.

26th. And after an hour of struggle and bad language, the old panel is replaced and undercoated. The hardest part was fitting the weather strip under the window rubber. This would have been far easier with another pair of hands, but it eventually slid into place, and was held by a couple of temporary rivets.

panel fitted
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