Diary - October 2002

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Top corner

2nd. Take the bus for an outing of about 10 miles. It performs well, but on the way back, passing through the village, I hear an ominous thump of roof against branch. Inspection back at the farm shows some damage to the nearside dome corner!

This photo also shows the undercoating creeping up the front!

5th. The nearside front panel (metal rather than the original rubber) is fixed in place. Some day I may find some replacement rubber panels.

front panel

10th. A good day! The good fairy appears again with a set of intermediate destination blinds, which smarten up the look no end.

Also, I manage to borrow a tower platform which speeds up work on the upper deck, and enables me to work on the damaged dome.

11th. The weather has turned colder, but as rain is not threatening I manage to use the tower platform to strip paint from all the beading on the nearside roof and prime ready for undercoating.

panel removed

12th. Weather is damp with slight rain, so painting is out of the question. However, I manage to remove a large panel from the nearside lower deck in order to replace it with a new panel.

14th. Taking advantage of the sun I undercoat the top deck nearside, and hammerite on the lower deck where I have removed panels. front

16th. I remove another panel from the lower nearside and inspect the mud, crud, rust, sludge and general muck inside.

I also make a start on preparing the back upper deck for undercoat.

17th. I continue priming and undercoating the back upper deck. It is slow work as I have to prepare all the edges of the emergency exit window.


18th. More work on the rear upper deck. But I also hammerite the middle compartment of the lower deck.

Good news! Just before leaving I try to loosen the bolts holding the rear bustle. To my surprise, they all come loose fairly easily! I had been anticipating major problems here.


19th. Continue with undercoating of rear upper deck. Also make a start on stripping and priming nearside upper deck beading

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