Diary - September 2002

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4th. I replace the 2 offside frontmost panels. The offside lower deck is beginning to look quite tidy, although I still have to remove and replace one damaged panel when a new panel arrives.

 5th. I clean up some beading on the nearside ready for when the new panels arrive for fitting. The panels rattle a good deal - I suspect that they are attached to the beading but not to the frame behind! Will have a thorough investigation, but do not want to remove the old panels until the new ones arrive, since I am trying to keep the bus as tidy as possible.  

6th. Tax the bus for 6 months, then take it for a test drive of 20 miles or so. Runs well considering the recent lack of use, and improves as it warms up. But when I stop in a layby to check all is well, I find a steady leak of diesel from the rear that will need attending to.

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