Diary - August 2002

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6th. The main horizontal timber across the front is nearly ready for refitting. Today I planed a drainage channel in the top with an ancient wooden moulding plane - rather fascinating using a tool that is probably 100 years old on a 25-year old bus.

7th. I successfully cut out from new aluminium sheet a replacement panel for the damaged offside panel which I removed a few weeks ago. This so far is the easy bit - the harder bit will be cutting out the small panel for the door and attaching the old door to the new panel.

old panel
. cab front 9th Cut two more panels. Fitted and primed timber across cab-front.
10th. Undercoated cab-front timber, and fixed in place. Then removed panels at left front and hammerited frame sections. left panels
nearside panels Also hammerited nearside where I had removed small panels by door, and cut new panels
Finally replaced centre front section and (temporarily) nearside front section. {short description of image}
14th. Replaced 1 length of beading across centre front, primed and undercoated. Undercoated the underside of 2 of the new panels. Very hot work...
16th. Decided to drill new holes in the top front beading, since the previous holes were greatly enlarged and would not hold the screws. So drilled new holes and filled old ones. Meanwhile all around me the farm is a frantic scene of activity, with the farmer's entire family, as far as I can judge, being press-ganged in to drive tractors bringing the wheat from the combine into the barn. (As long as these amateur drivers keep well clear of my bus...)
 17th. More work on refitting the front, followed by priming and undercoating.  
door fitted  18th. Fitted compartment door (with siezed hinge freed off by an engineer friend) to new offside panel, hammered edge round to grip panel, and the door now fits well and opens and closes freely! As this is my first tentative attempt at panel-beating, I am very pleased! The compartment door can now be stripped and primed. panel
Luke  25th. Progress has been slow this week as I have had to break off restoration work to train 2 new (and very keen) drivers. Oscar
  30thI fitted a new door to the nearside door-opening panel, and temporarily fitted offside panels.
 door panel  31st. The nearside panels are refitted, primed and undercoated.
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 Top of page  So, at the end of the month, what progress have I made? Not as much as I was hoping, but it is too easy to under-estimate the amount of work involved to prepare paintwork on such a large vehicle. The lower deck is beginning to look respectable, and the bus remains driveable.

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